CelsDose® - nomadic and recyclable unidose for natural food supplements - made in France


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CelsDose®, a unique conditioning, innovative, sterilisable, thus with no conservator and transportable. 5 or 10mL, a safe way to get a concentrated amount of active principals.
Unbreakable, with the possibility to be mixed to another drink, CelsDose® is also recyclable.
Its volume can easily replace numerous pills or capsules, and it can be taken anywhere and with no need of water.
The content specifically developed by Cels Laboratoire in a very innovative container, CelsDose® becomes more than an alternative to existing products, it is a revolution.
It enables, for instance, one dose very enjoyable in mouth of 3g of collagen with 20mg hyaluronic acid, for beauty.
But also, 3g of carnitine, for sportsmen or also to carry anywhere your precious royal jelly with ginseng, ready to be consumed.

Eventually, CelsDose® opens a unique window for developing innovative products, such as two-phase products (oils and actives) or even cosmetics (lotions, gels).
Cels Laboratoire is at your service to understand together your need, and to define the CelsDose® that meets your requirements the best.

Mots clés: drinkable ampoules, one shot, one-dose liquid, drinkable single dose, unicadose and unidose.

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